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Who's Gonna Get The Most Wild At The Barstool Christmas Party Tonight?

So tonight’s the Barstool Christmas Party. Best day of the year IMO. Morale is always high. Vibes are always good. It’s partially because it’s the Christmas season, but mainly it’s because an open bar is on the horizon. Should be a glorious next few hours around these parts before the Pink Whitneys start to flow.

Now of course with an office comes the question- Who’s gonna get the most wild? I wanted to make an educated guess so I began my investigation by asking pretty much everyone that’s walked by me today if they’re willing to take a shot with me. Good idea by me. Seems like anyone on the right side of that paper is exonerated…The people on the left side though? They may be in for a world of pain tomorrow morning. Lemme know who you think! In the meantime tune into some Mario Kart on Twitch!

Watch live video from barstoolsports on www.twitch.tv

PS: The answer may be Nate