Former High School Student Suing Teacher Who Had Sex With Him Because He Says It Left Him Too Emotionally Scarred To Join The Marines

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Daily MailA former high school student is suing his former science teacher and school district for distress he suffered as a result of a sexual relationship with her — and says it delayed his plans to join the military. The student, using the pseudonym Mark Smith, claimed in a lawsuit filed on Friday that teacher Rachelle Heenan took advantage of him, The Star-Telegram reports. Smith met Heenan in her class as a 17-year-old senior attending Hollenstein Career and Technology Center in February 2012. He had planned to join the Marine Corps as a diesel mechanic and was scheduled to do so one day after graduation. The two soon exchanged ‘sexting’ conversations,’ the paper reports. They later met in a gym parking lot and checked into a hotel where they had sex.  Heenan also allegedly engaged Smith in multiple sexual encounters — including at school events, in hotels and her in own car.Smith’s attorney Bobbie Edmonds told the paper the illicit relationship damaged him both mentally and emotionally — and that his plans to join the Marine Corps were delayed.  ‘He was mentally impacted by what happened,’ Edmonds said. ‘He was impressionable, and there was the age difference and the fact that she was a teacher,’ she said. In court documents, Edmonds says Heenan ‘assaulted, raped and battered [Smith] in her capacity of teacher/educator, in violation of the law.’

I am by no means the authority and what it takes to join the military, but I think the Marine Corps is better off without “Mark Smith.” What, a hot older women made you feel her cans? Stop crying like a little girl. You were an 18 year old man banging your hot teacher. You knew exactly what you were doing and you loved every single second of it. So lets calm down with the raped and battered talk. I’m sure when the time comes to decide whether you should join the military or stay at home and continue fucking 6 out of 10 cougars, I wouldn’t wanna join the Marines either. I’d be playing whatever card I could to keep that wagon rolling. Like hey you wanna go to the Marines and potentially get deployed to Afghanistan or just hang out and continue to fuck your English teacher? I wouldn’t wanna give up on that situation for anything.

I guess what he’s saying is kinda true though. Any 18 year old who has easy schoolteacher pussy fall into their lap is gonna be “impacted emotionally and mentally.” Because they’re fucking spoiled and have no idea how to continue with the rest of their lives. My mind would be warped if I was getting fucked on the regular by Ms. Heenan.

Bottom line is if you don’t have the mental fortitude to bang a hot teacher you probably don’t have the fortitude to be a Marine. Probably for the best “Mark Smith” just goes down a different path swimming in older pussy.