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LA Beast Is At It Again - Declares Himself The Burger King After Eating Every Burger on The BK Menu It 24 Minutes

Fox News – Kevin Strahle, a competitive eater known as the “L.A. Beast” — took up a Burger King challenge it blasted out on Instagram to anyone who was king enough to eat all the different kinds of its burgers on the menu. In a YouTube video, Strahle, who recently week made news for attempting to drink an entire gallon of hot sauce, is seen finishing 11 burgers in 24 minutes, which totaled 6370 calories.  (To put that in perspective, an average man burns between1500 to 1800 calories a day.) With a  paper crown on his head, he filmed himself eating a hamburger, cheeseburger, bacon cheeseburger, double bacon cheeseburger, Junior Whopper, Whopper, Angry Whopper, Double Whopper, Triple Whopper with cheese and, instead of the new King Burger, which wasn’t available, another Whopper — while washing it all down with two bottles of Gatorade. As he eats, the calorie counter goes up. At one point, with burgers still unfinished, the LA Beast goans, “I can’t breathe no more.” Adding to his apparent pain was a shock collar he wore, with which his roommate shocked him  every time he complained. When Strahle finishes off the huge meal he happily says, “Now I’m the burger king.”

Fordham alum really killing it these days huh? Kevin Strahle the LA Beast is consuming 6,400 calories in 24 minutes and Kevin Clancy the NY Idiot is probably consuming the same amount of calories throughout the day while blogging about eating pizza and cupcakes out of ATMs. Oh and the last time we saw The LA Beast he lost a pinky toe after stubbing it on his refrigerator after slipping on a kitching floor lubed up with butter. Real glad we’re putting that Jesuit degree to good use, right Kev? Dude might be on to something, actually. Fordham might be the premier university in the country to groom competitive eaters. Between drunk food and quality food its the perfect storm. You’ve got White Castle, Pugsley’s Pizza, University Pizza, 3 dollar subs, Mikes Deli, Tinos, and I’m sure 10 other places that have opened up since I graduated. Then you got Roberto’s, Umberto’s, Emilia’s, Pasquale’s and a thousand more of the best Italian restaurants on the planet. I’m not sure what other skills you graduate with after getting a diploma but one thing’s for sure – you walk out of Rose Hill well fed with a high tolerance for booze.

As for the challenge itself, quite the impressive feat. The most difficult of all fast food challenges would have to be eating of everything on the Taco Bell menu right? All the different tacos or all the different burritos or something. 3,000 calories in and you’re guaranteed to shit your pants.