Jack Daniels is Jumping into the Cinnamon Whiskey Game to Challenge Fireball for the Throne



Memphis Flyer – In April, Jack Daniel’s will introduce its Tennessee Fire, a cinnamon whiskey, to three test markets, Tennessee (of course!), Pennsylvania, and Oregon. Tennessee Fire is the latest to grab for a share of the FireBall market. Canadian Mist introduced a cinnamon whiskey last year. The whiskey is 70 proof and will cost between $22 and $23, comparable to Tennessee Honey, Jack Daniel’s other flavored whiskey. The company sent a sample bottle with the suggestion that it be served chilled. I’m no FireBall fan, but Tennessee Fire is quite good, and tastes just like Red Hots candy. Coworkers who tried it with me agreed that they liked it better than FireBall. According to a rep, Pennsylvania and Oregon were chosen for the Tennessee Fire’s market tests because they “successful control states.” No timeframe was given for how long the market test will take place.

Well alright, alright, alright. I like the cut of this jib. It’s documented I’m a Fireball guy. Don’t go hardo on me, I don’t care if it’s flavored and not as manly as the moonshine you drink while you bang supermodels like the manly man you are, Fireball is delicious and the best all-around shot to take. I like Fireball, you like Fireball, we all like Fireball. It’s a 5 tool player in the drinking game. And now Jack is jumping into the mix with rave reviews. This smells like trouble. Can it start chipping away at Fireball? Here’s a fun fact: Oreo was originally a rip-off version of Hydrox. Now if you show up with Hydrox to the lunch table you get shoved into a dumpster (I got out). Will it be the same way with Tennessee Fire? Is that our new Oreo of the cinnamon flavored whiskey world? Only time will tell, but I can’t wait to try it.


PS: Fireball is Canadian. By far Canada’s best export. So Tennessee Fire already has the lead in the taste test and I’m not even tasting any.