Draftstreet NBA Returns As The Playoff Push Heats Up

Somehow, someway, the Nets are making a push for the fucking three seed, and the Knicks are actually knocking on the door of the playoffs. Its a testament to just how long an NBA season is and just how fucking ATROCIOUS the eastern conference. The Knicks won’t make it, and even if they do, it will be a bloodbath. But the Nets are an interesting story. They’ve been playing good ball since January 1st and a first round draw of the Wizards would be a pretty favorable matchup. Factor in the way they’ve played Miami and some veteran playoff leadership and you never know. They’re the one team in New York taking advantage of the weak Eastern Conference, so you gotta tip your cap to them.

So as you watch these two teams jockey for potential playoff spots, throw down some cash and try to win $50,000. Do you fucking know what I would do if I won $50,000? I would genuinely burst into tears. Then I’d write a check for my wedding and burst into tears again for a whole different reason. There would be a lot, a lot, of crying.


-NBA Big Score
-$150,000 prize pool
-$55 dollar entry fee, 3000 people
-First place prize: $50,000
-Top 400 players paid out