Girl Scout Sets New Record Selling 18,107 Boxes Of Cookies

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP)An Oklahoma City girl who says she asks everyone she meets to buy Girl Scout cookies has broken the organization’s decades-old sales record by a margin about the size of a Thin Mint. Katie Francis of Oklahoma City sold 18,107 boxes in the seven-week sales period that ended Sunday night. The previous mark was set by Elizabeth Brinton, who sold approximately 18,000 one year in the 1980s. The sixth-grade student told The Oklahoman newspaper last month that there were only three ingredients needed to rack up large sales: a lot of time, a lot of commitment and asking everyone she met to buy. Katie sold 12,428 boxes last year. Her troop receives a share of the proceeds from the fundraiser and intends to donate to breast cancer research.

Oh I’m sure people just love this chick. Love her. Especially if she’s singing that song everywhere she goes. Sounded great, babe. Really hit all those notes. For sure not. Girl Scout Cookies are the 2nd most overrated thing on the planet behind Beyonce, and this little girl nagging everyone to death to buy some from her has gotta be as annoying as it gets. She’s like one step above the crack babies on the subway selling you candy to raise money “for their basketball team” AKA their pockets. They’re like bums begging for money, basically. Except instead of just sitting there quietly with a cup asking for loose change they’re all up in your face trying to get you to buy a dozen boxes of cookies for like 60 bucks. I bet you parents all over Oklahoma City avoided this bitch like the plague. Oh there goes little Katie Francis again – singing that fucking song guilting me into buying another 50 bucks worth of Trefoils again. Hasn’t she sold like 15,000 boxes already? Give it a fucking rest, toots.

Just the very definition of an over achieving pain in the ass. If I ever met Katie Francis I’d donate 500 bucks directly to breast cancer right in her face without buying her stupid overrated cookies.