Common Sense Prevails In The Marc Crawford Saga; Hawk Asst. Gets Sussy, Pens Impactful Letter

One of the running sagas on Spittin’ Chiclets for the last several weeks has been this sort of reckoning for the old-school way of coaching. We’d rather talk about goals but this shit is also important and we’re gonna break it down, too.

And Marc Crawford is a perfect example of why you take these things on a case-to-case basis. Rather than instantly throw him to the wolves for ugly stuff that long predated his Chicago employment, the Blackhawks put him on leave as they conducted thier investigation. And they realized he’s done nothing wrong on their watch so they have no real cause to discpline him. But, I guess, given what’s gone on in the last month or so and for the sake of optics, the Hawks probably want to satiate those calling for a pound of flesh and decided to suspend the assistant until January 2nd for shit he pulled for different bosses.

He’s a guy who had an abrasive style then won a Cup early in his career (no disrespect but Chiclets could’ve run this bench) so he now had the resume to feed his ego and he really became a pain in the ass to play for. Which is likely why he went from wunderkind to flaming out and ending up in Europe just seven years after winning a Cup.

He found his way back on an NHL bench in 2016. As in assistant. In Ottawa. He took them over for the end of last season but the team opted for the younger D.J. Smith and Crawford eventually ended up on Jeremy Colliton’s staff and, to a man, there hasn’t been one complaint about the former Avs coach.

It’s possible (read: likely) this letter was a condition of his reinstatement. But even if it wasn’t, it’s no less impactful.

This is a guy who realized he had issues, sought help for them almost a decade ago, and hasn’t shown any signs of recidivism. He’s done nothing to get shitcanned or really even disciplined. But his sussy is the PR penance. And really should be the last chapter in this affair.

I don’t think Marc Crawford is a bad guy. He was likely just passing on “lessons” from WWII-era coaches that he had, repeating learned behavior. He then coached in an era of minimal accountability for shitty behavior until his methods petered out. Sopel and Avery still raved about him as a coach even though he put the slippers to them. But today he certainly seems like a person who is generally trying to better himself and, really, isn’t that enough?

Now lets get back to wondering what the fuck went down with Monty.