Staten Island Clown Is Just A Media Hoax

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NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Social media sites were erupting Monday with stories of a mysterious and creepy clown on Staten Island. But published reports Monday indicated that it might all just have been a viral marketing campaign by a horror movie production company — and all four people who claimed to spot the clown might have been in on it. Photos on Twitter and Instagram in recent days have shown the bald clown, wearing a yellow uniform with green and purple sleeves, and a white collar. The clown is seen carrying two balloons – one green, the other yellow. The posters of the photos claimed the clown had been sighted near the Grasmere and Richmond Valley stations on the Staten Island Railroad, the Staten Island Advance reported Monday. The photos showed the clown at night. But comedian Vic Dibitetto also released a video last week, showing himself driving in a car past the clown in broad daylight. In the time since, the #SIClown hashtag has gone viral, and has been subject parody Twitter accounts and an assortment of tweets that seem to express everything from genuine fear to mockery. But what was really going on with the clown? Published reports Monday night indicated that the people who posted the photos and videos might all have been in on the joke. The Staten Island Advance went on to report that the only people who posted images of the clown – Vincent Innocente, Robert Privitera and Michael Leavy – are all Facebook friends with one another and are all linked with Staten Island-based Fuzz on the Lens Productions. Comedian Dibitetto is also linked to the company, the newspaper reported. The newspaper quoted Leavy as essentially admitting to using the clown as a publicity stunt, saying the group was trying to “get as many people associated with Fuzz on the Lens as possible.”

Great job, Fuzzy Lens! What was the goal of the publicity stunt? To get all of Staten Island walking around with a big load of dump in their pants? Well mission accomplished. I got Staten Island people emailing me like fucking crazy about this clown. Like people actually genuinely scared of this fucker. Kinda makes a little more sense when you actually use your head. Like why would anybody be underneath the Verrazano Bridge at night? Random people under the bridge at night that happen to see this clown and snap a picture? No f’n way. We should have all seen it coming a mile away.

Either way thought its just downright irresponsible. Real or fake there are people out there that are that are genuinely fucking terrified of just the thought of clowns. Personally I think thats kinda ridiculous. I mean yea, Pennywise in IT is creepy as fuck but thats a horror movie. Thats the point. If you’re a grown adult with a real actual phobia of clowns you’re kind of an asshole.