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The Only Thing Worse Than Moving In NYC? Painting In NYC

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Here’s the list of the worst activities in the world

3. Laundry

2. Moving apartments

1. Painting

They are the worst chores and duties of all time. Just absolutely zero satisfaction. Miserably painful and time consuming. And more than half the time you don’t even know what the hell you’re doing with any of them.

Especially in the case of painting. You think – how hard can it be? Dip the brush, wipe the walls and voila, you’re done! Oh you don’t wanna get any paint on the trim? I’ll just use that blue tape! I can paint the ceiling with a roller! Next thing you know you’re covered in paint. Its in your hair, in your eyes, all over your hands. The walls are painted uneven and your floors are still somehow a mess despite having a drop cloth the size of a football field.

So thats where Paint Zen comes in. Its from the same guys who brought you the Ultimate NYC Bachelor Pad contest. When it comes to cleaning and decorating apartments, they know whats up. So if you’re painting your apartment or your office in New York City, don’t even bother going through all the fuss. Hire the professionals to come in and do it in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost. Check out their services on And if you enter in the promo code ‘BARSTOOL50′ you get 50 bucks off of any paint job.

Don’t be a hero. Don’t try to be macho. Hire the people who know exactly what they’re doing and end up with your apartment looking right.