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Live from March Madness Friday at Saloon NYC with all the Stoolies. Pretty much my dream life would be getting to set up shop in a bar and shoot the shit with people getting drunk and somehow making a living off that. So, thats what I’ve been doing. Last time we recorded from Francesacon with all the WFAN Mongos and this past weekend I kicked it with Barstool JJ and the rest of the Stoolies while the Tournament just went completely off the rails. We talk about the Duke upset and their asshole fans. Me and JJ talk a little bit about our childhood and hoodrat chicks who wear Air Jordans. Time Travel, the first time I got drunk and vomited in my buddy’s sneakers, WWF wrestling and a lot more shit. To be honest I was pretty much drunk by the end of the Duke upset to begin with so its really just 3 drunk dudes watching sports and talking shit.

Last week’s episode kinda got lost in the shuffle as the NCAA tournament kicked off so if you were out of the office or dialed into college hoops, here it is again. We talk about surviving March Madness in the Cubes, Belle Knox and how she’s an annoying asshole, the Professional Inseminator, and the Mailtime Mailman from Long Island

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