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Strippers Brawling On Stage

A fucking PLUS move jumping on stage and making it rain in the middle of this stripper brew-ha-ha. Those are moments where you really don’t know exactly how you’d react. Most people grab their phones, start filming, and begin screaming “World Star!” I would be running for the hills because I guarantee after this instagram video cut off, shots rang out. Where there’s black stripper violence in the club, there are most definitely gonna be gunshots as well.

But this guy – this guy had the presence of mind to make it rain on them hoes. Weaves flying, fake nails breaking, half naked chicks flailing left and right, but this guy throws himself right to the fire just for the story. Its almost like those photo-journalists on the front lines of battle just trying to get that Pulitzer prize picture. This dude risking life and limb just to make this stripper brawl that much better.

Thanks to Carl for the video.