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The Shoes Jordan Bohannon Left On ISU's Court With The Message 'To ISU: Thanks for the memz' Are Now Being Raffled Off, Raising Over $20k For Children's Hospital

Chalk this up to the best move in college hoops this year getting even better. Jordan Bohannon leaving his shoes on his rivals court with the message 'To ISU: thanks for the Memz' is just an A+ move. I blogged about it last week when it happened: 

This is what makes college sports so damn awesome. I've said it numerous times, I want more of this. I don't want the boring coach-speak type. I want guys talking shit to the crowd and trolling like this. Throw in the fact that this could be the last game Jordan Bohannon might play this year it's even better. Bohannon is suffering from a hip injury and the most games you can play in a season to qualify for a medical redshirt is 10. The Iowa State game was game 10 so there's a chance Bohannon has surgery and sits out the rest of the year to rehab. 

So what does he do now? One ups the move by raising money to donate to Iowa's Children's Hospital, which became famous for arguably the best tradition in sports - the wave after the first quarter at Iowa football games. 

Just perfect. We need more of this in the game. Troll your rival and then use it for an awesome cause.