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This Dog Can't Get Enough Of The World Cup And I Can't Get Enough Of This Dog


Well if you weren’t into the World Cup before, you are now.  How could you not be?  Humans go as the dogs go.  I feel a lot like this dog.  He doesn’t really care who’s playing.  He doesn’t understand the rules or know the names of any of the players.  When analysts are talking strategy he doesn’t have a single clue as to what they’re saying.  He’s just there to witness the spectacle of it all.  That’s how I’m watching the World Cup.  I don’t really care about soccer but I like the event.  I like people taking their country’s side in something that’s not war and rooting against one another.  What I’m trying to say is I’m just a dog jumping up and down in front of my TV while the World Cup is on.  That’s what I’m saying to you.

This fucking guy.  Get into it dude.  Look alive out there.

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 2.43.07 PM