Study Say The Men's Ideal Day Includes 4 Hours 19 Minutes Of Sex

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Courier – Men would spend more than four hours having sex and barely three-and-a-half hours working during an “ideal day”, a survey has found. Research conducted for Unilever Compressed deodorants also found 64% of men confessed to regularly using their smartphones and tablets whilst on the toilet – while 26% planned a to-do list whilst being intimate with their partner. The study found 51% of men under 34 worry they are missing out on life experiences if they are not filling all of their time, with a quarter of all men questioned saying they try to find new ways to fit more and more into their busy lives. When it comes to making sacrifices, 70% of men said they would be willing to cut back on the number of friends they have if it gave them more time during the day. This new trend links with the rise of compressed technology, products and activities – with 38% believing compressed workouts are just as effective as longer gym sessions, 20% using their commute time to learn a new language or skill on their tablets, and 64% believing that such advancements in technology allow them to fit more and more into their day. Asked to divide their “ideal day” into the amount of time devoted to different activities, those surveyed said they would spend f our hours and 19 minutes having sex, and t hree hours and 36 minutes working. Th ree hours and 22 minutes would be reserved for seeing friends and family – the same time spent sleeping. Eating and drinking would take two hours and 38 minutes, while g rooming would take 29 minutes. Paul O’Connor, brand manager for Unilever Compressed deodorants, said: “The demands of modern society mean that young men are under pressure to fit more and more into their lives and are looking for advances in products and technology to allow them to do this.”

Four hoursAre we talking about per week here? Because there’s absolutely no way I want to fuck for four hours per day. I don’t think I even could if I wanted to. The only things I could do for 4 hours is watch TV on the couch, sleep, and G Chat. 4 hours of fucking in one day would be like more exercise than I’ve done all year.

I could probably get blown for 4 hours but thats a different story. Blow tasks are the most important thing on earth so you can never turn down any amount of them. Unlimited hours of head is the ideal man’s day. But thats a whole different story from sex. Theres no chance I could be doing all the work for that long. Give me like three 15 minute sessions a day and I would be absolutely saturated with my fill of pussy. Breakfast lunch and dinner for a total of 45 minutes and me and my dick would be happy, satisfied and tired. 3 sessions of any length is pretty much my limit. No way I can regroup and rise for a 4th these days. So ladies, don’t be intimidated by all this ridiculous 4 hours a day talk. Just think of satisfying your man’s penis like one of those exercise informercials. “just three easy sessions of 15 minutes each and you’ll be the best girlfriend on the planet!”