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Seton Hall's All-American Myles Powell Suffered Such A Nasty Concussion During Yesterday's Game He Asked Kevin Willard 'Why Are We Practicing At Rutgers?'

Well, this is pretty damn scary. Myles Powell, arguably the National Player of the Year and an All-American had absolutely no idea he was playing a damn game after smacking his head against Rutgers. I'm honestly a bit surprised he even knew he was playing Rutgers, the way this quote reads. And if that's not scary enough, there's the line about his eyes rolling in the back of his head as he sat down during a timeout. 

Granted, I don't know the exact protocol here or what should change but this charge took place roughly 2 and a half minutes into the game. Powell ended up playing 15 minutes in the first half before they took him out and put him in concussion protocol. But, you gotta think playing 13 minutes concussed can't be good. Again, I'm not blaming Seton Hall here but there's gotta be some sort of change to avoid this. I mean the dude thought he was practicing and confused the hell out of Kevin Willard with that quote. 

Now as for Seton Hall? Well, they are in a bit of trouble here sitting at 6-4 and having to play Maryland next. Willard already ruled Powell out for that game and big man Sandro Mamukelashvili is out for 6-8 weeks. Granted, Seton Hall really loaded their schedule this year, sitting at like 7-5 heading into conference play isn't the best look, especially since the only real quality win they have so far is a neutral game vs Iowa State. They need Powell back as fast and as healthy as possible - remember, he was also dealing with a bum ankle earlier this year. I still think they'll figure it out during Big East play and be fine, but remember this was a team that was a 7 seed last season. It's rare that we see a team make a HUGE jump, despite returning everyone from a 7 seed to a top-2ish seed. 

Again, just scary stuff that Powell had no idea what the fuck was going on with this concussion.