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Breaking News: Patriots Cut Tebow

Tebow pats

PFTAccording to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Patriots have decided to release quarterback Tim Tebow, but they won’t place Rob Gronkowski on the physically unable to perform list. For Tebow, the move might represent his last chance to hang onto an NFL job, as he was brought in by his patron Josh McDaniels, and praised by both ownership and coaches. Ultimately, his struggles with throwing the football proved more than he could overcome.

In the immortal words of TS Elliot, “This is the way the world ends/ Not with a bang but a whimper.”  The Tebow Era in New England, for all its promise… of a 3rd string quarterback who won more playoff games in Denver than Peyton Manning, of a Pistol/ Read Option wrinkle to the Pats offense, of a guy who could bring his patented brand of “spirituality” to the youngest locker room in the Bradichick Epoch… is no more.  And frankly I’m saddened.  I was pulling for him.  Maybe not as much as Mr. Kraft.  And certainly not as much as my man Mike Felger.  And I hope the Bristol, CT police department is sending grief counselors over the ESPN offices before the mass suicides begin.  But alas, to make the Patriots, you’re required to actually, y’know, contribute to winning a championship.  Walking around giving off the warm glow of Divine Light isn’t going to get you a roster spot.  And his performances in preseason and camp spoke louder (1 for 7 for -1 yard vs Tampa) even than the Word of God.

So this is a sad, sad day.  I’m sure Tebow will land on his feet in the Canadian League or Arena Football or someplace.  But still, that’s quite a fall for the greatest college player of all time and a first round draft pick.  I just wish that before the Pats cut him, someone would have looked into  my theory that he’s not actually left-handed.  It might have saved his career.  Anyway, good night, Sweet Prince.  And God bless.  @JerryThornton1

PS.  A fun fact to help cheer up all us Tebowphile Pats fans: The Patriots are no longer paying him, but the Jets still are.