Josh Donaldson Wraps Up Son Of The Year After Surprising His Mom With A Maserati
Shut it down, folks. Josh Donaldson just wrapped up Son Of The Year for 2019 and probably 2020 too. He made a deal with his mother a few years back that if she quit smoking than he would buy her a Maserati. Pretty standard bargaining chip, right? Well after 2 years of being cigarette free, he came through for his mom. Pulls up in the driveway with the horn blasting, red bow right on the hood and all. His mom comes out and gives us an all-time reaction. Good for her for quitting cigs, and good for Josh for doing something awesome for his mother. It sounds like they had a rough upbringing when Donaldson was younger with his father in jail for drug related crimes and domestic violence. A really awesome gesture by Donaldson and a laugh out loud funny reaction from his mom, legit can't stop jumping up and down for over a minute. I've always loved Donaldson on and off the field, but stuff like this just solidifies what an awesome guy he is. Just don't show this to your mom, cause now she's gonna expect big things and you still haven't even bought her anything for Christmas.