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NBA Reddit Discovered A Seinfeld Prediction Finally Came True 28 Years Later

Man the internet always finds a way. Shoutout to u/CardiologicTripe of NBA Reddit for finding this little nugget late last night after the Cavs pulled off the upset in San Antonio. I have no clue who would even remember this, but that's the internet and that's NBA Reddit for you. It would have been even more spooky had that scene also mentioned overtime but whatever this still plays. The fact that this episode of Seinfeld came out in 1991, looking back these two teams have played each other 57 times and there have been a few that have gotten close. There was the game on January 30, 2016 that CLE won 117-103, then on February 28, 2002 they won 114-107 so they've flirted with this score a few times throughout history but the odds to actually nail it have to be very very small. I'm not really a math guy but my guess is the probability most likely isn't all that high. 

Personally though, I love shit like this. I love when TV shows somehow predict the future and it reminds me of all the shit The Simpsons predicted over the years. Those predictions are always super spooky and blows this measly predicted box score out of the water. Now because it's Friday and I care about those of you who may be stuck in the cubes on a Friday afternoon why not blow a chunk of time watching Simpsons clips? Great idea, I know. 


Watching that Seinfeld clip made my brain wander to the new Curb trailer that came out the other day so guess who's getting a bonus video in this blog of Curb clips? You are.