Bizarro Feitelberg Is The Most Interesting Man On Twitter

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So this is the guy that beat me to the Twitter handle @Feitelberg years ago. We have absolutely no relation. He’s somehow just a Feitelberg in Boston who gets his rocks off writing adult fantasy novels (not the good kind). And he may be my favorite guy on Twitter. I follow him, and we tweet occasionally. Sometimes he faces me big-time



Ouch, Rich. I’m a “writer” bro. Respect that.


Other times we just chat as two professionals. Trying to get an idea how the other works. Each of us looking for a seat in Bizarro Feitelberg’s head.







And I’ll tell you what, this guy is kind of like my spiritual guide. He’s so wise. Actually, he’s like a walking fortune cookie. Every time his fingers touch the keyboard he dishes out sagely wisdom.


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You don’t just come up with tweets like that. That’s deep shit. That’s sage shit. Rich is the kind of guy I want writing the Bible if Jesus ever comes back. He gets it, the human experience, that is. He just knows how to take a thought and express it perfectly. I mean that shit about infants and toddlers endearing us despite our masks? Fucking DEEP, man. Real shit.


So I’m making it my goal to grab a beer with Feitelberg. I gotta know what’s going on in that furry noggin of his. Just two Feitelbergs sitting around, talking about dragons and Guess That Asses. It’s gotta happen.