Barstool New York's Official March Madness Party Is This Friday At Saloon



Saloon NYC – 84th and York

The greatest sports day of the year is upon us. March Madness Friday. Full slate of games of the first round of the tournament, no work for almost 72 hours. Its better than the Divisional Round of the playoffs, better than Opening Day, better than any of it. There’s a lot to cover so here’s all the details:

When: Doors open at 11am, one hour prior to the first tip off. Obviously open all night long until closing at 4am.

Drink Specials: $20 open bar for ANY 2 hour period you select after games begin. You wanna start right at the first game and go from 12pm to 2pm? Go for it. Joining us after you get off of work at 5? Go 5-7. You school plays at 9pm and you only wanna watch then? Go 9-11. Any two hours you want.

Add on an additional hour of open bar for 10 more dollars: The first purchase is a 2 hour, $20 minimum. After that, its just 10 bucks per hour to keep your open bar going.

Cash Bar if for some dumb ass reason you dont want to do the drink specials:  $13 pitchers of Bud Light,$4 Sam Adams and Sam Seasonal, $18 Bud Light Buckets, $5 Fireballs and $6 Bombs.

Food: Served all night long

Reservations: Email to reserve a table. No time limits if you’re drinking throughout the day.

Extras: Game sound + DJ playing live music in between game breaks. Prize giveaways throughout the entire day.

I’ll be there right at tip off of the 12pm games and plan on recording a live episode of MailTime right as the day picks up some steam. I’m planning on boozing, gambling and shooting the shit on the podcast all day long. If you’re a college student, a cube monkey with PTO days, or an unemployed bum I suggest you join me. Best day of the year. Don’t do something stupid you’ll regret like go to work instead of joining the Stoolies.