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Antonio Brown's New Year's Resolution: 'No More White Woman 2020'

Since the last thing I've read from Antonio Brown was his lengthy, masterfully crafted, grammatically perfect, blanket apology to unspecified people he's wronged:

... I don't really know what to make of "No more white woman 2020." 

I wrote in the headline it's a New Year's resolution, but I'm not sure.Is this about his romantic life? Business associates? His musical choices perhaps? Like he's swearing off Taylor Swift and Adele? He wrote "woman" singular, so maybe it's someone in particular he's distancing himself from? Or is he dissatisfied with caucasian females in general?

We're heading into an election year. Maybe it's a message about identity politics. That he hasn't gotten over Hillary Clinton losing in 2016 so he's coming out early against Elizabeth Warren and Tulsi Gabbert? Anything is possible. When you're deciphering AB's cryptic social media messages - the ones that aren't written in well-written lawyerspeak - everything is open to interpretation. 

But I'm going to go with this is his New Year's resolution because just a few minutes earlier he definitely had plans for 2020 on his mind:

As well as complex questions of race, the NFL and run on sentences:

What he's on about and what this has to do with "white woman" in the new year, you're guess is as good as mine. 

All I do know is that this is Antonio Brown on his best behavior. This is him when he has the maximum motivation to try and get back into the good graces of any NFL team that is willing to take him and his Saudi Royal Family Travel Party amount of extra baggage. The Giants just dumped Janoris Jenkins for R-bombing someone on Twitter. And he had a job. Brown hasn't worked since September. He presumably has a whole department of Drew Rosenhaus' firm trying to get him signed, but no one is interested. 

And for all that, the best you can get out of him is weirdo late night Tweets about white ladies. To everyone screaming at me the Patriots need to sign him and spitting fire at the Krafts for releasing him in the first place, you're entitled to your opinion about what he'd be doing for this struggling offense over the last month. But if you think he'd stop this crazy bullshit just through the magical power of wearing the Patriots uniform, you're delusional. This is part of the package with him. There's no separating "Great route runner" AB from "Bizarre nutjob PR disaster" AB. Sorry, but 32 teams have decided the passing yards are not worth the headache. 

Also, sorry to white woman 2020, whoever you are.