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TWO Of Gus Johnson's Greatest Calls Take Us Into The Weekend



This year’s first 25 tourney games or so have been everything we’ve hoped for. Except for one thing. Gus Johnson. I can’t even imagine his call for that Aaron Craft miss yesterday. Absolute travesty that CBS let him go. No matter, I’ve got you covered. I couldn’t even decide which my favorite was, so I’m giving you a showdown of two of the most classic Gus calls out there. Both worth watching every March. So pure. Take it away, Gus!


“Batista With The CAAAATCH” – UCLA Takes Down Gonzaga




“TJ Sorrentine From The Parking Lot!” – Vermont Upsets Syracuse


You can’t really lose here. Vote 1 if Adam Morrisson’s tears are oh so tasty and vote 10 if bombs from the parking lot make your dick wiggle

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Have a great weekend everybody.