What Is Your Perfect Jeopardy Board?

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This is a question that was posed by T-Bone over on the Barstool Reddit Page. Your 6 best categories for a perfect Jeopardy Board. T-Bone’s were:

Know your meme
90’s movies quotes
< 65 bit Gaming
Domestic Breweries
Vin Diesel Movies

A lot of the Stoolies on reddit are chiming in with their top 6 categories. I took it a step further and I made my 6 best categories for Single and Double Jeopardy. They are as follows:

Single Jeopardy

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Donuts, Mets Failed Free Agents, 90s hip hop, Twitter misspellings, Cube Life Potpourri, and Racism. 

Double Jeopardy

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Pitch Perfect, WFAN Radio Hosts, Jeopardy, Breaking Bad, Dad Fashion, Third World Rivalries.

You like how I just Inception’d the Jeopardy board? Jeopardy category about Jeopardy. I know way more about the actual game of Jeopardy than I do about real Jeopardy categories. The rest all speak for themselves. My top 12 categories compiled from sports, movies, TV, food, music, radio, the internet, fashion, and sociology. Thats the Racism category. I classified that as sociology.

So what would be your Dream Board on Jeopardy?  Here’s Portnoy’s:

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