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Chick Sets Her Boyfriend's Car On Fire After He Refused To Buy Her A McFlurry

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Witnesses said a woman set a man’s car on fire in Jacksonville after he refused to buy her a McFlurry at McDonald’s. WFTV obtained video of the incident that happened on Sunday. Witnesses said the woman was angry after she asked for a McFlurry and the man she was with refused to buy her one. They said the woman grabbed the man’s keys and headed to his car. One witness said she saw her pour alcohol and gasoline on the man’s car, light it on fire, and then run off. People nearby tried to help him put the flames out. WFTV is working to gather more information on whether the woman was caught and if she will face charges.

What the fuck is goin on here? We’ve had more stories about fast food violence and crime and girlfriends being crazy in the past 24 hours than we’ve had all year. We had the double DUI at McDonalds. We had the police brutality over the White Castle burgers. The hardcore match that broken out in Taco Bell. And Kmarko blogged about the looney tunes girlfriend who attacked her boyfriend because God and Satan told her  to stab him because he worshipped NASCAR.

Well here we got a nice little combo of the two themes. Batshit crazy chicks and fast food violence. Setting a fucking car on fire because your boyfriend wouldn’t get you a McFlurry. Bitch McFlurries aren’t even that good. Frosty’s or GTFO. I will have to admit its kind of a dick move by the dude not to get her a shake. I mean you’re at McDonald’s and a McFlurry is like a few bucks. Just get it for her. Especially considering this dude had to know his girlfriend is a total lunatic. You know whether shes the type to just be like “WTF? You forgot my McFlurry? Alright well I’m having half of yours.” Or if she’s the type to set your car on fire. In hindsight you probably should have just bought that bitch a milkshake.