Cruise Ships Are Now Being Considered To House The Homeless

Source -  In the East Bay – a unique idea to help the homeless is being considered in Oakland.

City Council President Rebecca Kapan wants to use a cruise ship to house up to 1,000 of the city’s homeless at the port of Oakland.

 However, officials at the port say there isn’t infrastructure to safely dock a cruise ship. But for people who live on the streets, they say Kaplan’s idea gives them confidence in city leaders.

Former San Francisco Mayor Art Agnos introduced the idea four years ago. He says it could be the solution the Bay Area needs.

I'm not going to lie, I don't like this idea. Not one bit. The last thing the homeless needs is to have their living situation downgraded. Their life is hard enough as it is without the constant diarrhea and voyeurism.

If Oakland's homeless problem is really that bad the city needs to take action by building a shelter on terra firma. A shelter free from bed bugs and brawls and coked up captains. One that won't leave you and your kids behind if you lose track of time then wave goodbye as it pulls away from port with a giant foam finger. One that won't run out of hot food and will always have power. The homeless need somewhere to call home. A floating hell hole is not that. So shame on you, Oakland. Try picking your people up, not knocking them down.

On a completely unrelated note I've been on a huge E-40/Too Short kick lately. I'm not sure if they know what's going on with the homeless in their hometown, but if they did they'd be disgusted.