Highlights From The Phil Jackson Introduction Presser

This is all you need to hear, folks. Jim Dolan admitting he has no clue what the hell he’s doing when it comes to basketball, ceding control to Phil Jackson, and Phil Jackson saying he wouldn’t have taken this job if that wasn’t the case. Sure, there are other questions to be answered. Can Phil’s genius translate from the court to the front office? (Probably.) Can his health hold up in the long term? (Probably not.) Does Melo stay? (Who knows.) But the main issue on everyone’s mind was who was going to have control over basketball decisions and I thought this press conference went a long way towards easing Knicks fan’s fears in that department. Dolan sounded like a smug little Ewok bitch at first but towards the end of the press conference he was very honest. Basically said there was a period of time where he felt he grudgingly needed to be involved in basketball decisions and now that he has Phil Jackson, he will happily take a back seat. Phil clarified these were discussions they had back in January and were a major lynchpin to this deal ever happening.

Its the Phil Jackson show from here on out, according to todays introduction. If you believe what everyone said, and have faith that they’ll hold up their respective ends of the bargain, this is the major moment we’ve all been waiting for. This is the moment the Knicks begin to turn their franchise around with one of the best basketball minds the league has ever seen. Its a breath of fresh air. A new leaf. Turn the page. Close the book on the past 12-15 years. All the other analogies and shit you want to throw out there. Phil Jackson legitimizes the Knicks in the eyes of the fans, the media, and the rest of the league. And thats the first step towards getting back into contention.

PS – The fact that Dolan continues to mention Steve Mills and Phil Jackson as a team is just sad. Its just embarrassing for Mills. Sorry brotha.

PPS – Pack your bags, Woodson.