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8th Dude In Finance Commits Suicide This Year



Another dude in finance took his life a few days ago. Jumped off the top of an 8 story building. Thats the EIGHTH guy in the finance world to commit suicide this year. 8! Its only March. And there’s been three in the past 3 weeks alone. I understand that the investment banking life on Wall Street can be stressful but holy shit fellas. I know a lot of money is on the line and maybe some of these guys were facing scandals or lawsuits but this is getting out of hand.

No matter how bad shit is getting maybe you just quit your job and chill out with all your dough for a little bit? Is that not an option? Yea people will be fucking pissed but its better than going straight up suicidal. No matter how much the pressure builds up you can always just walk away and go live a normal life. I mean obviously you never know whats going on with these guys. Drugs and other issues and shit. This last guy was only 28 years old. You’d have to imagine more was going on than just I-Banker stress. But Jiminy Cricket maybe the moral of the story is don’t go into finance. Don’t sign up for that life if you really don’t think you can handle the stress. I’d rather work in marketing or some shit making 1/5th the money and live a normal life than be the Wolf of Wall Street and end up losing my mind.