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Lamar Jackson Throws For 5 TD's In Primetime (Again) And The Baltimore Ravens Are AFC North Champions (Again)

NFL: New York Jets at Baltimore Ravens


What more is there left to say about Lamar Jackson?!? The guy is just ridiculous. We spent all week listening to the national media suggest that the 49ers and Bills had perhaps found a solution for Lamar Jackson. And that his quote unquote “quad injury” was perhaps a sign that the party was over for Lamar Jackson the running QB. And that he had been solved and the way to slow him down was to stack the box and hit him time after time after time.

Oh wait. Turns out Lamar Jackson can sling the football a little bit. And by a little bit, I mean NOBODY HAS FOUND A WAY TO STOP HIM THROUGH THE AIR. It’s crazy. Week in and week out he’s a touchdown machine. He came into this game with the NFL lead in TD passes and threw a casual 5 tuddies in primetime for the 2nd time in 4 weeks. He very well may sit out Week 17, and have sat out FIVE fourth quarters in blowouts, and STILL lead the league in touchdown passes. That would be impressive as hell for a guy who just sits in his pocket and lays down at the first sign of pressure a la the Manning brothers.

BUT LAMAR IS SO MUCH MORE. He passed Michael Vick tonight for single season rushing yards for a QB in the first half and I felt like nobody even blinked. He’s doing so many things that are special that so many expected he couldn’t do that the dimension that so many haters assumed was his only dimension is becoming a 2nd thought. Leading the league in TD passes by a mile and being a top 10 rusher in the league is just stupid. Absolutely stupid. Every week I have to come onto this blog and try to describe his greatness in a new way and I’m starting to run out of words. Guy has brought us the AFC North title two straight seasons and the guy is only 22. So much more to achieve and I couldn’t be more ready.