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After Yesterday's Game Delta Airlines Tweeted A Picture Of A Giraffe To Represent Ghana And The Internet FREAKED OUT

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So this happened yesterday.  After Team USA beat Ghana the person who runs the Delta Airlines Twitter account tweeted out a picture of the Statue of Liberty to represent America and then a picture of a giraffe to represent Ghana with the score of the game.  Well it turns out Ghana doesn’t even have giraffes.  Whoops!  So that’s a pretty big mistake on their part.  If we’re being totality honest here I’d say 99.9% of people in America would’ve said Ghana for sure has giraffes before this whole thing happened.  And of course it was only a matter of time before some corporation made themselves look stupid on social media during the World Cup.  It was happening no matter what.  And I can understand people being mad about the whole Ghana Doesn’t Have Giraffes Thing but then people started coming out of the woodwork calling it racist?  I’m not exactly sure how that’s racist.  Classic internet if you ask me.  Taking something that was a mistake (and it most definitely was a mistake) and turning it into a race debate.  I’m all for people laying into Delta for making a blanket assumption that giraffes are everywhere in Africa but don’t turn around and try to fit a square peg into a round hole and bring up racism.  That’s just dumb.

And then of course Delta was forced to issue an apology because it’s 2014 and that’s how the news cycle works now.  Tweet something stupid, get dragged over the coals by sensitive Twitter users and issue a forced apology.  Good times!

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