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Fat Chick Mad That She's Being Used As The "Before" Image In Weight Loss Advertisement


Daily MailA plus-size blogger has told of her horror after finding out that a diet company was using a bikini shot of her without permission to show customers what they ‘don’t want to look like’. Rachele Cateyes from Oregon, who is a U.S. size 26, revealed on her blog that a work colleague alerted her to the issue after a weight loss advert popped up on Facebook with her unknowingly cast as the ‘before’ model. Stating her rage, Mrs Cateyes, 31, wrote: ‘They used it to show women what they shouldn’t look like. They used my over the sunglasses expression to say, “Hey, don’t be a fat f*** like me!” which was really supposed to say, “I am a fat confident lady that feels awesome in this bikini.”’ Mrs Cateyes claims her image was used by the company Venus Factor, which carries the tagline ‘NEVER Diet Like a Man.’ It currently sells a diet and fitness DVD program specifically designed for women priced at $47 and the website features dozens of photographs showing ‘real user experiences’.  Mrs Cateyes said she felt ‘disgusted’ when she learned that her image was being used in adverts as it goes against everything she stands for. She said the photograph in question, which has now been removed, showed her on the beach last July dressed in a bright blue two-piece swimsuit.

This has gotta be the lowest point imaginable for any woman, right? I don’t think it can get any worse. You know those chicks who do really rough porn? Like where the guys make them gag and puke into a dog bowl and real violent shit? That ain’t even as disrespectful as being used as a Before Chick. You are so, so unfortunate looking – so, so overweight – you are being used to encompass what “rock bottom” looks like for women everywhere. You’re being used to hopefully scare other women into using a weight loss product. You’re like a walking “Scared Straight” for chicks to not be fat. I truly, genuinely cannot think of anything more demoralizing than that. And spare me the dog and pony show about being a fat confident woman. If you’re fat you automatically hate yourself and if you don’t you have low standards.