Approaching $200,000 In Donations For Detective Seals Family, Lets Finish Strong

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We hit $100,000 in t shirt sales, and right now another 70K on the Barstool Donation Platform. $150,000 was the goal but we blew right past that. Lets make it an even $200,000. Honestly I dont ever know how to end these fundraisers because I wish we could leave this thing open and donate to Laura Seals and her 5 kids every single day forever, but I think we can say mission accomplished if we give that family two hundred thousand dollars. I hate when circumstances that require these fundraisers arise, but I love when my people rise to the occasion. No better group of people on the internet than this fan base. The most compassionate, generous, and grateful group of people in the world and you always put your money where your mouth is and help out in these times of desperation.

I’ve had a little bit of contact with friends of friends, some relatives, and some police officers that all know the Seals family. I’ll make sure to get in contact with them directly before this is all settled so we know its going directly to her and the children. We’ll take care of all that. Right now the last thing to do is finish off that remaining $30,000.

And if you’re just seeing this for the first time, or you still havent heard all the details, let me remind you that Detective Joseph Seals was one of the best cops in the Jersey City Police Department. He was gunned down after catching a murderer and he leaves behind a wife and five children. Christmas is right around the corner. Donate $39, as Joe was only 39 years old. Donate 25 bucks for December 25th. Donate 5 bucks, for the number of kids who need to go on without a dad. Donate big or small, but if you’ve got any extra money at all, please think about giving it to Laura Seals and her family.