This One Hurts

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Not gonna lie, this one cuts deep. Real fucking deep. Nobody ever thought 11 months ago when we traded Revis we’d have to see him in a fucking Pats uniform. But here we are. Nightmare has become reality.

Now the trade itself, you can’t knock it. They landed Sheldon Richardson and a boat load of cap room by moving an injured corner. You gotta make that trade 100 times out of 100 now that we know how that pick panned out. But there was no way to control Tampa Bay completely imploding as a franchise, cutting their $96 million man, and letting your most bitter rival pick him up. There’s just no way to envision that happening.

Unless, of course, that you remember that God hates the Jets and Satan loves the Pats. In which case, you probably could have seen this coming a mile away.

As one commenter put it the other night – Beltran in Pinstripes, Revis on the Pats, next thing I know the Roommate is gonna dump me for Nate.