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KFC Radio - St Patricks Day Edition This Week On Barstool



Its the most wonderful time of the year! We got March Madness, St Patricks Day, warm weather and baseball all on the horizon. This week’s KFC Radio is the official St Patricks Day show as we head into this weekend. St. Pats is technically on the Monday but this whole weekend is gonna be filled with green beer, bagpipes, and chicks getting drunk enough to allow you to have sex with them.

So call the Barstool Hotline 646-807-8665. Leave your questions and stories pertaining to St. Patty’s and all the other shit going on this month. SPEAK LOUDLY AND CLEAR. PLEASE. Take the marbles out of your mouth if you’re gonna leave a message

PS – If you’re one of those losers who complains about whether its spelled St. Pattys or St. Paddys you should probably kill yourself.