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Dan Cortese Hints That He And Bill Bellamy Are Trying To Bring Back Rock N Jock

TMZ - Dan Cortese and Bill Bellamy are BRINGING “ROCK N’ JOCK” BACK … well, at least that’s the plan according to Dan. TMZ Sports spoke with the former MTV star who tells us he and Bill Bellamy are officially trying to get the franchise back on the air … but Dan says there’s just one catch.

Can’t think of any show or sporting event I’d rather see make a comeback than Rock N Jock. Would love Slamball to return. I thought the American Gladiators remake back in like 2008 was gonna be incredible, but that kinda fell flat. All of it pales in comparison to the thought of Rock N Jock returning. Back in the 90s MTV was like the only channel you needed to watch as a kid. Music videos, Singled Out, Beavis and Butthead, the Spring Break specials with drunk smokes dancing around on the Grind and shit. But most important of all was Rock N Jock basketball. The best athletes, entertainers, and smokes playing a video game version of basketball. Shitfaced rappers taking 20 point shots. Dudes chucking for the 50 point peach basket. It was the absolute best.

So while it sounds like Cortese is just talking out of his ass and he and Bill Bellamy are just dying for some work, they should 100% try to make this happen. The number of guys out there that I’d love to see playing Rock N Jock is endless.

My starting 6 right now would be:

Matthew McConaughey
Justin Timberlake
Jared Lorenzen
Johnny Football
Steph Curry
Bill Burr

First guy off the bench: Arthur Chu OR Gronk. Game time decision.

Chicks would be:

Nina Agdal
Selena Gomez
Allie Laforce
Melanie Iglesias
Nina Dobrev
Skylar Diggins

Head coach:

Leonardo Dicaprio making his Rock N Jock return after a 22 year absence

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