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In The Most Kawhi Leonard Quote Ever, He Says He Has To 'Try To Show Emotion' ... You Know, Like A Real Person

[Source] - Leonard: I’m a guy that acts like I’ve been there before. So, probably the last time you probably seen me screaming was like when [the Spurs] won [the 2013-14 NBA championship]. So whenever there’s a moment where I haven’t really experienced [something], I try to give some emotion, show some emotion, and let it just come out. [Game 7] was one of those nights. I’d never been in that situation before … it’s the first shot somebody hit a game-winner in Game 7. So I just showed emotion. And it was great. It’s a great feeling.

So this is a detailed look into Kawhi's shot against the Sixers and this was my biggest takeaway. This dude is just programmed differently. He has to TRY to show emotion. Think about that statement for a second. I can't believe he even opened up enough to say that he had to show emotion after the game 7 buzzer beater over the Sixers. You remember that play, right? 

Just a buzzer beater in game 7 in what is one of the most insane shots I can remember. I mean there's a degree of difficulty involved, the fact that it bounces roughly 100 times, the fact that there are truthers out there who think magnetic missile technology made the ball go in: 

The man's quote was 'it felt good.' Felt like he had to show emotion. I can't stop laughing at Kawhi trying to program emotion here and realize it's okay to get excited and scream. I guess when you remember stories like this it all makes even more sense: 

Fucking love Kawhi. I love that he's a robot. I love his game. I love that he said no to the Lakers. I love that he's with Steve Ballmer now.