11 Year Old Brooklyn Boy Runs Away From Home For 4 Days Because He Didn't Want To Do Chores

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Gothamist - 11-year-old Kareem Granton, who was found on the subway yesterday by a good samaritan who alerted police (and K9) officers that he looked like the child on a missing poster, reportedly ran away from his East New York home because he didn’t want to clean up after his dog. “I just had a tantrum in the moment, a type of anger problem,” Granton told reporters yesterday. “So I just wanted to express it in a different way.” Granton didn’t believe anyone but his mother would be looking for him. He had a friend, Eric Steward, act as a lookout when he snuck away last Wednesday. “He was like, ‘Well it’s time for me to go, can you check the hallway and make sure there’s nobody that knows me that can tell my mom that I’m here?’ ” Steward told NBC. “So I did, and he went down the staircase.” Granton covered his tracks well. He spent most of the five days he was missing on the subway, and had about $10 on him when he was found. “He was tired, he was hungry,” Police Officer Dennis Grimm told reporters upon finding Granton. Officer Grimm took Granton to McDonalds before reuniting him with his mother. “I knew my mom was looking for me,” Granton said. “I didn’t know it would turn into this big of a situation.” Granton explained that he was too scared of being in trouble to call his mother, even though he knew her phone number. His family said Granton has run away before, but never for this long.  

NBCHe said he spent nights on the train and ate at Chuck E. Cheese, and was not aware anyone other than his mother would have been looking for him. A community advocate who knows the family said he had about $10 on him when he was found Monday.

Hey kid how bad could your chores possibly be? Like yea cleaning up after your dog sucks. And yes, hanging out at Chuck E Cheese is probably pretty cool. But spending 5 fucking days riding the subway is about the worst thing I can possibly imagine. I’d rather clean up after 50 dogs than do that. I mean whats the worst that you gotta do with a dog? Pick up his shit? Well 5 days on the subway you’re gonna encounter a whole lotta shit, little man. Bums use those trains as their toilet. Asians ride those trains like they straight up belong to them. You look like one of those kids that would sell candy bars to “raise money for your basketball team,” so I won’t bring them up, but the point is that the subway fucking sucks dude. Do you homework, clean up after your dog, brush your teeth before bed and live a happy, clean life above ground. Don’t be a homeless living on the 6 train.

PS – How about this kid all smiles and shit? You watch the video on the NBC site and its all a big happy reunion. My parents would fucking murder me if I just went to Chuck E Cheese for 5 days because I didn’t want to clean up.