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This Fox Has Taken Over Control Of DC


DCist - The shutdown fox may soon be without a home at the White House, but it seems the woodland creature has been venturing beyond 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Reader Justyna Maslowska sent in photos of a fox hanging out near the World War II Memorial on Saturday, October 5, while Danielle Smith sent in photos of a furry Vulpes vulpes near the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial on Monday. As Scott Giacoppo,vice president of external affairs for the Washington Humane Society, explained at the time, foxes post no threat to humans unless they are sick: “We would advise people to admire their beauty. Take a picture. Never approach them.” While Giacoppo said today that the WHS doesn’t respond to calls on National Park Service land, he’s not surprised to see foxes there: “There is enough wooded area over there to sustain the species and with the number of small rodents (rats, squirrels, chipmunks etc.) there is an abundance of food available for them.”

There’s a new big dick in town, and his name is Shutdown Fox. Dude began dominating the DC area when the shut down started, and doesn’t appear to be stopping any time soon. DC was in shambles. No government, no monuments for Asians to take pictures of, no nothing. Shutdown Fox heard the call and stepped up big time.  Now he’s famous and the toast of the town.  I guess it’s true what they say. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.