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I Can't Wait To Get (Responsibly) Hammered With You Guys On Division Street

I don't want to turn this into a huge thing but there might be nothing in this city that I love as much as Division street during December. It's a magical place to get loaded with some of the all time classics between state and dearborn: Mothers, Butch McGuires, the Lodge, Zebra Lounge (don't ruin my spot), Hangge Uppe (around the corner obvi), Hopsmith and Shenannigans. It's murderers fucking row in the pantheon of places to get loaded with the experience only getting amplified this time of year

If you've experienced what I'm talking about, then you're likely silently nodding in approval right now. Bodies spilling into the street. At least 6 uniformed Chicago Police standing in the same spot outside The Lodge waiting to break shit up. Age broadly ranging from 21 to 81 and booze flowing like the ancient rivers of Babylon. 

I know a few weeks back I named Pulaski my favorite street in Chicago and I still stand by that as a good south side Irish Catholic Brother Rice boy. Nothing will change that commitment.

But pound for pound when it comes to judging 660 feet (1) of real estate, you'd be hard pressed to find a better set of bars. At least from the opinion of a guy who loves going to bars and getting hammered. Maybe you like clubs or more sex and sizzle but that aint this fucking review. 

Now I know a lot of you have questions. 

Carl why are you randomly talking about why you love getting hammered on Division street when everyone knows you love getting hammered on Division? 


This Thursday night we're throwing a Christmas party for stoolies on Division street. We picked Sehnannigans because you can get the most negligent there. Other places make me nervous. Shenannigans is the perfect home for what I expect to be an incredibly festive night of responsible Miller Lite consumption. 

And in that sense, consider me your Mr. Fezzywig. 

Carl who The FUCK is Mr. Fezzywig

Read a book one time for me. Fezzywig is the guy in A Christmas Carol that throws the banger parties. He's Scrooge's original boss. His Christmas party was the best one each year and everybody fucking loved it. 

That's me. 

I'm Fezzywig and this is my party. Come fall in love or at the very least clean out a few buckets of Great Tasting Less Fillings with the boys. One way or the other I promise you'll make merry if you know what I mean.

(1) the length of one city block in Chicago is 660 feet