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Tanaka Says He's Not A Fan Of His Wife's Music


TAMPA, Fla. At least he’s honest. ESPN New York’s Andrew Marchand spoke with Yankees pitcher Masahiro Tanaka recently, and the 25-year-old was blunt on how he feels about the tunes of his pop-star wife, Mai Sadota. “I’m not necessarily a fan of my wife’s music,” Tanaka said, according to Marchand.

Love this guy already. All through negotiations we heard that Tanaka may go to a West Coast team because his wife wants to pursue an acting career, and that would be a big factor in his decision. Not only did he come to the Yankees instead, he thinks his wife’s music sucks. Letting her know very clearly who wears the pants in this relationship, and those pants have $155mil in the wallet. Power move by a power player.

PS: I can’t tell if his wife is hot. I think I am just trained to only judge asian women if they have pixilated genitals.

(h/t) K Tex