Worst Prison Sentence Ever: Dude Had To Fuck This Chick 50 to 100 Times While Behind Bars



Source A 25-year-old Oklahoma prison inmate who has spent his entire adult life behind bars is suing the state Corrections Department over claims he was forced to have sex ’50 to 100 times’ with his caseworker. Philip Thomas Burris Jr. says he had no choice but to have sex with 38-year-old Kasey McDonald whenever she demanded it while he was serving at Joseph Harp Correctional Center, a medium-security facility in Lexington, Oklahoma.  McDonald was arrested last year on rape charges after prison officials obtained a recording of a phone call between her and Burris that included her making sexually explicit comments to him.



I actually feel bad for Kasey McDonald… honestly, I do. When you look like her your options for sex partners is already outrageously low. So what does she do? Gets a job as a case worker at a men’s prison. Genius. She thinks that if there exists a man who would fuck her, surely he’s incarcerated. But what happens? She gets charged with rape and the state gets sued! Talk about a death blow to her female psyche. The dude who has spent his ENTIRE adult life behind bars, the guy who hasn’t even seen a fucking woman since puberty, didn’t want to fuck you. That’s absolutely mind bottling. You offered the dude free sex and he was like “Thanks but I’m gonna go watch basketball in the yard instead.” Have to kill yourself, Kasey. Have to.