Brooklyn Tattoo Artist Fired After Inking His Dog



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Gothamist – Brooklyn’s premiere dog tattooist is looking for work, having been fired from his job at Prospect Heights’ Red Legged Devil tattoo shop over one boastful Instagram photo. Artist Mistah Metro launched a thousand ships of controversy yesterday when he posted a photo of his dog, still unconscious after spleen surgery, sporting some newly acquired ink compliments of her owner. “My dog is cooler than yours!” he said in the caption, adding that the “vet let me tattoo her while she was under.” Livid animal rights activists promptly led to the photo’s removal, but it was too late. Reached for comment, Red Legged Devil owner Chris Torres insisted that neither he nor his shop had anything to do with the dog tattooing, and moreover, that what Metro did was not a crime. “People are still offered jobs after being pedophiles,” he argued. “I don’t know why everyone is treating this kid like he raped a 12-year-old.” But it seems Metro’s behavior wasn’t entirely kosher with Torres, who gained notoriety after being featured on TLC’s NY Ink: DNAinfo reported today that the artist was relieved from his duties at the Flatbush Avenue studio. “He said his dog was under anesthesia and he was going back to the vet to put a tattoo on him,” Torres told the news site. “He took his machine and went out the door.” He hasn’t seen him since. “He’s a nice kid. It obviously wasn’t well thought out,” Torres added. “He spent thousands and thousands on the dog to keep him in good health. He cared for it like an old person in an old home.” Torres had decidedly less to say to us when we called, confirming only that Metro is “not going to be working here.” He added that his former employee has been mobbed by reporters since the photo appeared on Gothamist yesterday, though none have successfully reached him. “There are reporters outside his house, calling his mom,” he said. “Any idea where he is?” we asked. “He’s just not here,” Torres said.

You gotta be a Grade A asshole to tattoo a dog. No doubt about that. Like yea I know he was unconscious from his surgery, didn’t feel a thing and probably will live the rest of his life not even knowing there’s a tat there. But thats why it makes it such an asshole move. You’re just doing that to your dog for your own satisfaction. The ultimate move just for attention.

But more importantly than you being an asshole, you’re a fucking idiot. Don’t people realize that there are two things you absolutely cannot do anymore – fuck with dogs and joke about blackface. Those are two things that are guaranteed backlash the second you do it. This guy’s own boss admits that what he didn’t wasn’t a crime, and in the grand scheme of things is relatively harmless in comparison to some other shit out there, but he still fired him. Because you just can’t fuck with dogs in America. Probably would be in better shape if he had raped a 12 year old instead of messing with his dog.

Hope it was worth it to have the “coolest” dog, you dope.