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NCAA Won't Let A College Hoops Transfer Play On Saturday Because Delaware's Semester Ends At 10pm And The Game Is At 2pm

Thank God for the NCAA, just always out here patrolling the streets and making sure everything is safe. Could you imagine the anarchy that would occur if they actually let Dylan Painter suit up for Delaware against the school he transferred from on the same day the semester ends? What's next? Just letting guys play for whoever they want, whenever they want? Anarchy. 

Now you may be asking why this is even a thing to begin with. Well, Painter transferred during the season last year so he sat out the 2nd semester of the 2018-19 season and then you have to sit out the first semester of 2019-20 season. But since the Delaware semester doesn't officially end at 10pm, it's technically the first semester at time of tip. 

I want nothing more than Delaware to somehow change the time of the semester ending. What if they just change it to end at noon now? They never would because it's Delaware basketball, but I want nothing more than that just to show how much of a joke shit like this is. 

Outside of the whole compensation thing, approval of transfers is the biggest problem I have with the NCAA. There's no rhyme or reason as to who gets a waiver approved - look at Justin Fields and Tate Martell who transferred because they weren't starting. Approved to play right away. Then there's Brock Hoffman, a lineman at Virginia Tech who transferred there to be closer to his mom battling a brain tumor and had his waiver denied because he was outside of the 100 miles rule. 

PS: Why does a semester end at 10pm on a Saturday? End that shit on Friday. 

PPS: As always, fuck the NCAA.