The Lowest Moment Of The Knicks Season

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I fucked up guys. I fucked up bad. I maxed out the Knicks Dumpster Fire Temperature. Can’t go any hotter than Absolute Hot. Someone even voiced their concern in the comments section. Seven-Costanza said “You’ve left yourself nowhere to go with the fire temperature. This is going to get worse, you know.”

I laughed to myself when I saw that. How could it possibly go lower? They had lost 13 of 15. 7 in a row at that point. Felton arrested, Carmelo hinting he’s leaving. Woodson still on the sidelines. Mills still absolutely silent. Dolan just busy tuning his guitar for a private listening JD and The Straight Shots party for Garth Snow. No draft picks at the end of this shitty fucking rainbow. How could it get worse? Well how about a pregnant bitch in Minnesota with her baby gut out for everyone to see. Painted like a goddam jack o lantern. With what I’m assuming is her diesel life partner who’s gender is still up in the air by her side. Thats actually perhaps the most depressing scene I can imagine. Knicks “Baby!” Get it?? Yea I get it you beasts.

The only thing that prevents it from being a true Rock Bottom sight is that the Knicks were actually winning. Broke their skid last nite. Otherwise this would have been as low as the Knicks could possibly go.