Does This Look Like The Face Of A Chick Who Pissed On A Cop On Purpose?



Huff Po – Keandra Harrison may have gone out of her way to piss off a Texas police officerby allegedly urinating on him during an interrogation, TV station KETK reports. On Saturday night, Rosenberg Police Department officers were doing a property check of an apartment complex when they allegedly saw a man holding a shotgun and arguing with another man near a car, a Rosenberg officer told The Huffington Post. Other media outlets reported the gun-toting man was Harrison’s father, Leonard Harrison. Harrison, 21, was inside the car and police claim she refused orders to get out of it. That’s when things got messy, according to police. As an officer tried to arrest her, she allegedly urinated on him and began laughing, according to KTRK-TV. When she was asked if it was intentional, police claim she said “it sure was.” Harrison was charged with harassment of a public servant and resisting arrest. Leonard Harrison was also arrested. He faces a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, according to

How do you get pissed on by a chick? Serious question. Chicks peeing is like a mystery to me. Still don’t really know where it comes out of. Just kinda trickles out like a leaky faucet I thought? Can they blast off if they want to? Did this chick just go Cytherea on these cops? I almost blame the cop. This chick has to take her pants off and somehow aim her pussy at you and treat you like a fire hydrant. How do you let that even happen? Not like a dude who can just aim is dick at you and push as hard as he can like a fire hose.

Or maybe it is. Like I said, chicks peeing is one mystery I haven’t solved, nor do I want to solve it. Just seems like a chick can’t exactly ambush-piss you. You kinda need to really let something like that happen. Probably shouldn’t happen to a trained police officer.