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High School Student Calls In A Bomb Threat After Not Doing His Homework Because He Thought He Was Gonna Have A Snow Day

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SOUTH ABINGTON TWP.An Abington Heights High School student called in a bomb threat Monday morning because he thought school would be canceled due to a snowstorm and had not done his homework, police said. Kullen Hosier, 18, 112 Ashbury Drive, South Abington Twp., called the school’s main office around 8:30 a.m. and said a bomb would go off inside the building in 30 minutes, South Abington Police Chief Robert Gerrity said. Police found no bomb. They traced the call to a pay phone at 1121 Northern Boulevard and identified Mr. Hosie through surveillance footage. Police charged Mr. Hosier with terroristic threats, false alarms to an agency of public safety and disorderly conduct. A preliminary hearing is set for Monday at 10:45 a.m.

No worse feeling for a kid age 7 to 18 than expecting a snow day and not getting one. Especially when you were all but guaranteed 12 inches of snow and you get nothing more tan a light dusting. I mean at that age there is literally nothing more enjoyable than a snow day. Stay home for the day watching Price is Right eating snacks from the cupboard and the fridge stocked by your mother. Depending on how old you are you’re either playing in the snow or trying to get a snowy handjob from your girlfriend. Its pretty much the most carefree a human being can be. You’re already just like a middle schooler with no life responsibility, and whatever little workload and worry you may have just gets wiped out for the next 24 hours. A Snow Day is like the Purge except instead of crime and murder its kids sleeping in and jerkin off all day.

So when you completely convince yourself that you’re getting a snow day and it doesn’t happen its one of the most depressing feelings of all time. As a kid when you roll over and peek out the window to see black streets and green grass with nothing more than a half a inch of snow, that moment of despair is absolutely crippling. And to be honest? Its a good thing. It prepares you for that feeling when you’re an adult and you experience that every single Monday morning. Being told something is absolutely going to happen and then see it not pan out will prepare you for a lot of disappointment in your life. I mean every Mets prospect ever has basically been my failed snow day. All sorts of guarantees and none of them ever come true. Its a soul crushing feeling. Thats why that kid called in a bomb threat. Had nothing to do specifically with homework. Its all about having to get out of bed and go do all that shit you hate when you were told by people you trust you were gonna have a personal holiday. Fuckin weathermen and GMs – can’t trust em.