This Was An All-Time Display Of Savagery From The Stanford Women's Soccer Goalkeeper To Win The National Championship

For the longest time I figured the only way anybody could miss a penalty kick in soccer is either if you miss the net entirely or the goalie just makes a lucky guess on where you’re going. I’m pretty sure there was a Sports Science segment that said it’s pretty much impossible for a goalkeeper to have enough time to actually react to a shot so they have to start making the save before the kick. But now I’m pretty convinced that there’s a 3rd way goalies can make a stop on penalty kicks, and that is with mind control. Because after watching this display of savagery from Katie Meyer, there’s not a single doubt that she mentally and spiritually owned North Carolina on the way to winning a national championship last night.

Knows exactly where that ball is going before the kicker even realizes what’s going on, makes the save, finds the camera, and then proceeds to talk that shit. After already making a stop earlier during the PKs. After already making a save on a penalty against UCLA in the Final Four.

Talk. That. Shit.