Nintendo Nerd Stabs His Girlfriend's Husband With A Real Life Zelda Sword


Kotaku – A domestic dispute over a woman put two men in the hospital. One of the men, a cosplayer, wielded a sword. A Legend of Zelda sword.P “Swords and flower pots; it sounds nuts, he is psycho,” said Eugene Thompson, the homeowner’s boyfriend, told Local news in Houston. Thompson lives at the home of his girlfriend. After a fight, for some unknown reason, she called her estranged husband. When the husband showed up, the girlfriend let the man inside. Thompson, however, told him to leave. Allegedly, the estranged husband refused and started charging Thompson, who had ran to the bedroom. “I heard him heading to the bedroom where I was,” Thompson said, “so I jumped in the closet and I grabbed one of my replica swords, and I pulled it out and stood at the doorway, and he was coming down the hallway at me while I was yelling, ‘Go away, you don’t live here’ and he just walked right into the point of the sword, I don’t know if he thought it was a toy.” The sword was a replica Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda. Thompson explained, “I do anime conventions and stuff, dress up in costume. So I got it, because it’s a good replica, and it looks nice, and it so happens to be pointed and bladed.” Thompson was able to lock the man out of the house, but according to Local 2, the estranged husband broke through the front door and raced back inside. There was another scuffle, and the man was stabbed in the leg and the chest. Local 2 reports that Thompson said the man then got a flower pot from outside and smashed it on his head. “I am just trying to figure out what to do from here, I have to find a new place to live,” said Thompson. The estranged husband was taken to the hospital in serious condition, and Thompson needed stitches for his head. As Local 2 points out, the girlfriend was not injured.

Motherfucker is just lucky he didn’t have the Clawshot laying around in that closet. I mean getting stabbed with the Master Sword isn’t exactly a walk in the park either but getting blasted with a mechanical three pronged grappling hook has gotta be a real day ruiner. I guess the lesson here really is don’t step to Nintendo cosplay weirdos. At least bring a boomerang or something if you wanna give yourself a shot. I mean who else knows what he has in there. Might have Moonraker Lasers or a Contra Spread Gun or some shit. Bottom line is don’t start shit with your estranged wife’s nerd husband if you don’t wanna get stabbed and subsequently knocked the fuck out with a flower pot.