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Joe Namath At Yankees Spring Training With His Pants Pulled Up Preposterously High

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I try not to make it a habit to say this to old men, but Jesus Chris Joe Namath pull your pants down! I mean if we’re going knees to belt for the strike zone Broadway Joe wouldn’t have a fucking chance. Biggest strike zone of all time. I mean what the fuck does Joe do if he gets a random boner? Good luck tucking that thing up into your waistband. Unless your dick is 2 feet long you ain’t getting your dick in there.

Although of course if there’s one dude out there with a 2 foot old man dick, its Namath. How about that picture with Jeter? 2 of the greatest cocksmen New York City has ever seen. Probably like 5…10…maybe 15,000 chicks between them. So many notches on their belt that Namath decides to wear his up around his tits.

PS – Seriously question – how many chicks you think Jeter has fucked? Someone tweeted me asking Over/Under 500. I almost laughed out loud when I saw that number. I mean I know regular ass dudes that have fucked like 150 chicks. To think that Derek Jeter maybe have only done like 3 or 4 times better than some of my clown friends is absurd. So I think its way over that, obviously. But really what do you think the total number is?

PPS – The Jets/Yankees combo always creeps me out. Most bizarre combo out of all NY Sports fans.