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This Nun On The Italian Version Of The Voice Is Absolutely Electrifying

Fox News — No one can stop this nun! Sister Cristina Scuccia stunned the judges on Italy’s version of “The Voice” when she began skillfully belting out Alicia Key’s “No One.” The 25-year-old nun appeared on stage dressed in traditional clothes, with a large silver cross dangling from her neck. As the song began, the cameras focused on her black shoes tapping to the beat. Behind the scenes, three of her fellow nuns eagerly watched her performance, cheering her on.


Check out the pipes on Sister Cristina! I jumped out of my chair and waved my hands like I just didn’t care! She’s destined to be the talk of the internet for weeks to come, maybe even days. It’s unfair really. Every year there’s some fish out of water that blows up the internet, and girl Sister Cristina is that fish. She’ll be looked at as a nun first and a singer second, and audiences will eat that shit up. Might as well not even have the rest of the contest anymore and just have a weekly concert with Sister Crissy. Just look at Kaepernick’s face when he turned around:

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Priceless. This contest is in the books. Mark it down. Sister Cristina is the hottest thing out there. Mesmerizing stuff.


PS- Can’t believe she’s only 25 years old. That can’t be true right? Thought for sure my girl was in her 50s. But they say 25? I guess the minute you become a nun and stop having fun you instantly become elderly.