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Bill Clinton Posed With 2 Hookers From "Cathouse" For A Photo At A Gala

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NYDNWhat would Hillary say? Former President Bill Clinton raised eyebrows on Friday night when he paused to snap a photo with two prostitutes at the star-studded charity ball Unite4Charity. Clinton, 67, was working the crowd at the fancy LA gala when he paused to take a picture with two young fans, Ava Adora and Barbie Girl, two sex workers from the Moonlite Bunny Ranch brothel in Moundhouse, Nevada.  The working girls were the invited guests of Dennis Hof, the 68-year-old proprietor of the brothel made famous by HBO’s series “Cathouse.” “These two girls are just incredible fans of Bill Clinton,” Hof told the Daily News. “They kept saying, ‘Please take me, Daddy.'” Hof brought 23-year-old Adora and 22-year-old Barbie to the event along with longtime pal, porn superstar Ron Jeremy. On her website, Adora describes herself as a “passionate lover.” Barbie Girl’s bio boasts that she specializes in “devirginizing parties.”  Clinton gave the event’s keynote address, and also received the gala’s Unity Award from Forest Whitaker. “Clinton was going through there pretty fast, and the girls happened to get up front. They told Clinton that they were big fans and they took the photo,” Hof continued. “He didn’t know they were hookers,” Hof said. “But I guess when you’re a President, you like pretty girls too.”  The ex-commander-in-chief was one of the honored guests at the charity event, which also featured Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese. But Ava Adora and Barbie Girl only had eyes for Clinton. “They didn’t have any interest in Sean Penn or Robert DeNiro,” Hof said. “But Clinton they loved meeting.”

I guess Bill Clinton hanging out with some hookers is headline news huh? Right up there with pictures of Michael Jordan playing basketball and Tiger Woods playing golf (and also hanging out with hookers.) A man can be an artist… in anything, food, whatever. It depends on how good he is at it. Clinton’s art is banging chicks. And his entire life’s work is his masterpiece. Hangin out with hookers and nailing chicks and getting away with it for his whole life is just what Slick Willie does. Popping up on instagram with actual prostitutes and everyone just laughs it up. Its just his craft. His forte.

The best part is that its hookers from the Bunny Ranch. Probably the most bottom of the barrel hookers out there. I mean I can’t tell you how many times I tuned into Cathouse as a young man expecting some jerk off material and instead just got a bunch of ugly chicks on a ranch with weird old men. I’d almost watch an episode of Real Sex than the Cathouse. But yet there’s Clinton tossing these soft 4’s a bone. Why, sure, ugly hookers! I’ll take a picture with you!” Just a man of the people. Probably wanted to have sex with those 2 girls the same way Joe The Plumber would want too.